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BPWAA, LLC and NBSG, LLC Partner to Provide More Services

Posted on November 19, 2012 at 12:16 PM Comments comments (178)
Business Plan Writers and Advisors, LLC has strategically partnered with Nevada Business Solutions Group, LLC to expand the services it offers.  NBSG, LLC has been a premiere provider of business credit building programs for a number of years.  Now, through their partnership, Business Plan Writers and Advisors, LLC is able to provide the same business credit building programs on a referral basis. 
Let the expert business coaches at NBSG, LLC explain the available credit programs and show you how to obtain business credit without a personal guaranty. 

Why Do Start-Up Businesses Fail?

Posted on November 18, 2012 at 2:01 PM Comments comments (124)
According to statistics compiled by the Small Business Administration (SBA), the top seven reasons why start-up businesses fail in their first three years of existence are:
1. Owner starts the business for the wrong reasons
2. Poor management
3. Insufficient capital
4. Poor location
5. No written business plan
6. Overexpansion (most often resulting in negative cash flow)
7. No website
A Business Plan Writers and Advisors written business plan and the financial projections that are prepared as part of each business plan can help the business owner avoid most of these failure reasons or help pinpoint flaws in the business concept that could lead to failure before they occur. 

Start-Up Business Closure Statistics

Posted on November 17, 2012 at 1:44 PM Comments comments (31)
Bureau of Labor Statistics data indicates 44% of all start up businesses close in their first three years. Three of the top seven reasons for failure are no written business plan, no website, and insufficient capital. Business Plan Writers and Advisors can increase the odds of survival for your business.

Business Plan Testimonials

Posted on August 3, 2011 at 5:46 PM Comments comments (79)
"I am thrilled with the professional writing of my plan. It is very smooth and detailed. Thank you for your help!"
- R. Santos -
"I think it looks very good and I am very pleased. I would like you to communicate to the person that worked on my business plan that I am extremely appreciative of the work that they did. Please thank them for me."
- S. Dunlap -
"I plan to shop this business plan to various foundations for a grant. Thank you for everything."
- S. Ennsour -
"With regards to the business plan that you wrote for my company, everything looks phenomenal. I am very, very impressed."
- N. Nicarry -
"I sent my business plan to my bank for review for an SBA loan. My banker said that the business plan was excellent and the financials were done exactly the same way they would do it. You did a great job!"
- S. Patchin -

Business Plan Writers has helped the following businesses with either business plan creation, marketing or advertising campaigns:

Posted on June 19, 2011 at 6:53 PM Comments comments (51)
Adult Day Care * Alternative Medicine and Healing * Amusement and Theme Parks * Artist * Assisted Living Facilities * Auto Repair Shops * Bakery * Barber Shops * Beach Resort (Start-up) * Beauty Salons and Hair Stylists * Boat Dealers * Bridal Gown Shop * Building Cleaning and Maintenance Providers * Building Materials Distributors * Business Networking Website * Cafes * Campgrounds * Caterers * Chamber of Commerce * Child Care Services * Children's Clothing * Children's Learning Center * Children's Therapy and Counseling * Coffee Roasters and Distributors * Commercial Airlines (Start-up) * Commercial Building Janitorial and Maintenance * Commercial Fish Farm * Commercial Tank Cleaning * Commodity Traders * Construction and Remodeling * Convenience Stores * Cosmetics Company * Cosmetology Schools * Custom Vinyl Work * Dance Halls * Dating Services * Distributors * Dollar Stores * Dry Cleaners * E-commerce Websites * Educational Facilities * Educational Support Institutions * Electrical Repair Companies * Embroidery and Sewing Shops * Embroidery and Silk Screeners * Employment Services * Excavation Companies * Family Entertainment Centers * Fashion Designers * Fashion Retailers * Fertilization Clinics * Film and Stage Lighting Providers * Financial Servces and Planning * Fish Farm Aeration * Fitness and Exercise Centers * Florists * Full-Service Restaurants * Fueling Stations * Garage Door Repair * Garden Centers and Nurseries * General Construction Contractors * Gift Shops * Gold Mining Company (Start-up) * Gospel Television Stations (Start-up) * Graphic Designers * Green Building Technology * Indoor Batting Cages * Indoor Go-Cart Racing * Hair and Nair Salons * Home Based Businesses * Home Inventory Services * Hybrid Automobile Conversion Company * Indoor Go-Cart Racing Facilities * Insurance Agencies * Language Instrucution * Lawn Care and Landscaping Companies * Limited-Service Restaurants * Machine Shops * Manufacturers * Medical Cleaning Providers * Medical Research Facilities * Medical Transporters * Meeting and Party Facilities * Mobile Auto Detailers * Mobile Food Vendors * Motion Picture Editing and Filming * Movie Production Rental Equipment * Musical Venue * Non-Profit Organizations * Painting and Drywalling * Paramedical Insurance Examiners * Payday Loan Facilities and Lenders * Pharmaceutical Laboratories * Pharmaceutical Researchers and Manufacturers * Pharmacy * Pizza Restaurants * Printers * Public Transportation Services * Pressure Washers * Property Leasing * Property Management * Property Renovation * Real Estate Agents and Brokers * Real Estates Developers * Real Estate Investing * Real Estate Leasing Companies * Recreational Vehicle Dealers * Remodeling Contractors * Roller Skating Rink * Safety Inspectors * Sea Animal and Plant Production * Self Storage Units * Senior Home Care Provider * Sign Companies * Spas * Special Needs Education Providers * Sporting and Recreational Goods Wholesalers and Retailers * Sports Bar and Grill * Stock Traders * Tanning Salons * Tattoo Shops * Tax Preparation * Television Ministry Station * Theatres * Tour Group Organizers * Travel Agencies * Truck Parts Retailers * Truckers (Independent) * Trucking Companies * Trucking Logistics Companies * Vending Machine Company * Veteran Housing * Video Producers and Duplicators * Weatherproofing * Women's Fashion Design * Women's Fashions * And Many More!